Nentir Vale

Rumble in Thunderspire

As told from the perspective of Maynard.

Week 1:

Hammerfast has been getting a bit dangerous as of late. Anytime we try to set foot in the place, angry mobs come after us cause we aren’t dwarves. Except that Orsik is a dwarf, but he doesn’t count because he’s cool I guess. I was very worried that if I left my money in the bank, I wouldn’t be able to get it if I waited much longer. I snuck into the bank and made a full withdrawal. Crummy bank didn’t pay me any interest either.

We decided that maybe our answered lied in Thunderspire so we set out west. We camped for the night and I fell fast asleep after a very boring watch where nothing happened. I was having an awesome dream when I was rudely awakened by our friendly cow. Apparently, some folks were camped nearby yelling about how stupid us non-dwarves are. When we investigated, we found some black dwarves, and a warlock with a tattoo on his forehead. Yeah, who the heck is crazy enough to put a tattoo to an evil god on their forehead? This guy.

We tried to fool them by staging a fake fight between ourselves. I put on my best acting skills but I guess they figured out I wasn’t serious and they attacked us. What the heck? Why is everybody so aggressive? Luckily, we didn’t have to kill the leader but the others couldn’t be saved. We questioned him and learned that he had been influencing the circle of stone in order to weaken Hammerfast from the inside. We brought the warlock guy to Hammerfast to be put in jail but made no promise we’d be back in time for the trial. Chances are, they had to let the guy loose by now. Hopefully, he’s changed his ways though.

Week 2:

We still don’t feel welcome at Hammerfast so we set out for Thunderspire in search of this wierd amulet thingy. Along the way, we stopped at the five league inn. I had some great venisson stew and we told the owner where we were headed. Now, this point is very important, the owner of the inn knew where and when we were going.

We continued on to Thunderspire but before we could get there, we ran into some dudes on the street blocking the road. The man asked us to pay the toll so I asked him how much it was. He wanted everything we had. Well, that just seems like a ludicrous amount. I really didn’t want to fight these guys so I asked them to surrender. We obviously had the upper hand here since they were using farm implements as weapons. They charged us anyway. Sadly, only three survived and we had to kill nine. There is too much blood on my hands these days. I don’t understand why people are so aggressive these days. It wasn’t always like this was it?

From one of the bandits we had subdued, we learned that the attack against us was planned. Does the innkeeper of the five league inn work for our enemies?

Week 3:

We finally got to Thunderspire. It actually is quite a wonder with the magical lighting and the massively carved cavern. We hadn’t been here but a few minutes when we some folks bargaining for the price of a slave. We decided to investigate and I asked a fellow who these people were. They call themselves “Blood Reavers”. What the heck? That’s like saying “I’m a deathknight, fear my cool death powers!” No subtlety here folks. I asked them what they do. “We’re slave traders.” Again, who the heck says “I’m a slave trader!” so openly? I try to fool them by saying that we had come to purchase some slaves to which he responded “prepare to die”. Why so much aggression? Sadly, we had to slaughter them all in order to save our own lives. Luckily, we were able to save a little halfling slave.

Week 4:

The slave was pretty cool. He took us to his family’s inn and gave us free food. We asked him if he knew certain people but he didn’t. It’s an innkeeper who doesn’t know what’s going on around town. What the heck? It seemed that the trail for this wierd amulet had gone cold.

But something else was bugging me. We can’t just let these Blood Reaver guys have their pick of the innocent citizens of this town could we? I tried to rally the rest of the party to go along and Minron instantly agreed. I could almost swear that Orsik’s armor wa sagreeing with me too. But, the rest of the party was reluctant. They seemed to prefer to chase some strong red-haired woman in some unknown direction instead of dealing out justice. Removing the Blood Reavers from power in this town was an obvious choice so I eventually convinced the party to help me. We broke into their compound and managed to breakup some gambling going on. We found some nice shiny stuff too.

The Fall of the Bandit King
The heroes are wanting to head to Thunderspire Mountain but they don't pass on the opportunity to hunt Carthain and his bandits.
Adventure Name:The Secret TombSession Start Date: 11/20/2010
Session End Date:12/04/201010/09/2010Game Days Passed:2


This post should end with the defeat of the dwarven warlock leader and his duegaur<sp>

Rumble at the Foundation Stone
Hitting Halflings for Fun, Profit, and More Fun
Adventure Name:The Secret TombSession Start Date: 10/16/2010
Session End Date:10/30/2010Game Days Passed:1

The investigation of the spies inside Hammerfast continued. The next morning, Darius took a position amongst the walls of Hammerfast overlooking the south warehouse as the others tried to find a legitimate reason to enter the south warehouse without raising an alarm. The attempts didn’t bear fruit, but Dark Sun had a plan to enter the warehouse via subterfuge. Using his druidic powers of shapeshifting, he turned into a mouse and scurried his way into the office of the warehouse. Two people were there, a dwarf and a human who was identified as Fenris Tallgood. In the conversation with the dwarf, Fenris indicated he was going to attend to some “business matters” that evening at the Foundation Stone, a bar frequented by non-dwarves in Hammerfast. Dark Sun carried this information back to the group. The group decided that this would be an excellent place to intercept Fenris and his employers. They consulted with Gowick and he agreed that this was a prudent course of action. The group decided to show up to the Foundation Stone early.

As they scouted the area around the Foundation Stone, they found a house that had carrier pigeons behind it. One of the pigeons was out of its cage, as though it had just arrived from someplace. When inspected, the bird had a message on it to Tallgood from a Carthain, a person Gowick has mentioned in passing as a purchaser of hydra blood. The message explained that Carthain was bringing a new party into the situation, a bard who was known as an entertainer in Hammerfast. Since Sarlek’s pathetic band was both incompetent and depleted by the heroic efforts of the party, Carthain needed new blood to keep his operation of ordering hydra blood and not paying for it alive.

Armed with this new information, the party set up its positions at the Foundation Stone. Soon they saw a human that Dark Sun had identified as Tallgood, the loathsome Rammo/Sarlek, and an elf that the party assumed was the bard in question. Orsik showed the party he didn’t really understand the idea of “sneaking” or “blending in” or “letting your friends know you’re about to hit someone in the face with a warhammer” by walking between the conspirators and the door and loudly proclaiming “Deal me in boys!” while they were playing a knife throwing games. Sarlek looked sufficiently surprised and ordered an attack in his shrill, feminine voice.

The battle that followed was intense. Patrons hid behind furniture or left the place completely while the party, the conspirators, and the conspirator’s henchmen fought a bloody battle. Sarlek fell, but a grievous wound he inflicted on Dark Sun almost cost the brave druid his life. Minron almost fell to an orcish dark priest, but using his awesome power of diplomacy, we was able to get the priest to abandon his fellows and leave the Foundation Stone. The girlish elf bard tried to retreat back to its forest and little woodland animals, but was knocked out cold trying to open the front door. Tallgood himself lost his battle in the toe-to-toe melee with Orsik and Darius. At the end of the battle the party was triumphant, and Gowick showed up with personal guards to escort the beaten and now naked (after their thorough disarming) conspirators.

After the battle, the party piled up the things they had taken from the conspirators, took a few choice items, and sat down to enjoy some of their still high balance with the bar. When the diabolical Circle of Stone showed up again to make another pathetic attempt to destroy the heroic party, the party was fully rested, warmed up from their previous battle, and slightly tipsy which just made them feel better. Faced with the full fury of the party, the minions of the evil Circle were annihilated without breaking a sweat. Again a demonic warlock lead their coven-band, but there was no mark of Asmodeus visible and no-one in the party wanted to lift the dead dwarf’s robe to check for it on other parts of their body.

Bloodied but triumphant, the party headed back to the Coach and Pony for a well deserved night’s rest. The Monastery of the Enlightened Flame still had, unanswered questions in their minds, and they intended to answer them.

The Enemy Within
The party is tasked with an assignment that isn't their strong suit.
Adventure Name:The Enemy WithinSession Start Date: 09/11/2010
Session End Date:09/25/2010Game Days Passed:2

Having beat (in a literal sense) most of the trapped hall, the group advanced around the next corner, both to continue their exploration and to block the line of sight of the still firing crossbows. The hall ended in a door, which opened in a large room with several raised platforms, the middle of which had the finest set of mail that any of the party had ever seen. Maynard and Dark Sun sensed that the mail was protected by magic. Everyone sensed the myriad of construct animals in the room, and several of them attacked! Joining in the attack where some small stirges, riled up by the commotion of battle.

One by one the party disassembled the constructs, and began the process of diffusing the magic that surrounded the armor. Maynard and Dark Sun recited magical passages. The process continued on steadily, but there were several missteps, including the activation of more constructs. There were fewer than in the initial assault, and the party was able to handle them without issue.

Finally, the magic surrounding the mail fell and the impetuous Orsik stepped onto the platform and took the mail off the rack on which it hung. He stood motionless for several long seconds, as if transfixed by the beauty of the armor. He then began to remove his armor and put the mail on without the usual benefit of identification by his friends who were schooled in the arcane arts. As they watched, the armor shifted from chain mail to scale mail once Orsik had put it on. “This is the Invulnerable Coat of Arnd,” he said, obviously overwhelmed. “It is time for it to reenter the world and make its impact.”

With this, the group moved back towards the place where they had been lowered into the tomb, dodging crossbow bolts and hurling insults at the dwarven construct and their way. As they were about ready to assess their plight, a stone moved in the ceiling and the head and horns of Minron looked down on them. “Hello,” he said, “You guys need some help up?” The group readily agreed, and Minron and Kismet helped their fellows up from the depths.

When the party came up from the hole, they found 4 halfling bodies laid on the floor where Angron and Kismet had made their stand. They had been knocked unconscious by Sarlek’s minions, but had regained their wits soon enough to fight off being thrown into the hole. Angry and betrayed, the party went back to the Coach and Pony.

The group went and told Gowick what had happened. The he was sympathetic, he didn’t know of any Rammo or Sarlek, so he had no idea where the halfling could be.

The Secret Tomb
A halfling walks up to the group in a bar and asks them to clean out his tomb.
Adventure Name:The Secret TombSession Start Date: 08/28/2010
Session End Date: 09/04/2010Game Days Passed:1

PCsRace ClassRoleLevelXP Earned
Darius Darkblade Revenant(Drow)AssassinStriker 4+481
Dark SunHumanDruidController4+481

Orsik Soulforger DwarfBattlemind Defender4

Minron Angryhorns MinotaurBarbarianStriker4

Kismet Longtooth ShifterWardenDefender3


The group returned to Hammerfast from their adventure to the Monastery of the Enlightened Flame. Once through the tax collector’s office, the group made their way back to the inn where they had stayed previously. They were welcomed as they walked in, and the bartender also had a message for Maynard that a halfling was looking for him, and said he would return in a couple of hours. Minron and Kismet went to their rooms to enjoy the first chance to rest in a bed since before their capture, while the rest of the group split up to take care of various matters.

Orsik and Dark Sun went to see the captain of the guards and told him of Sarlak and his group of bandits. They also showed him the shipping schedule that had been sent via carrier pigeon. The Captain asked Orsik and Dark Sun if they would be willing to help uncover the person or people who were providing the bandits with the information.

Meanwhile, Darius searched out a blacksmith to see if the magic armor Darius found could be resized to fit him, while Maynard remained at the inn to meet with the halfling. Soon a well dressed halfling walked in and introduced himself as Rammo. He said he had heard Maynard and his group could be hired for odd jobs. He explained that he just recently purchased a house and located a loose stone in the pantry which revealed a seventy foot drop down into what appeared to be a crypt. He did some research and believes it to be the lost tomb of Orsik Ironhammer, who was said to be buried with the Armor of Invincibility. He wants Maynard and the group to go down and investigate and retrieve the armor, and he would split the profits 60/40. Maynard attempted to renegotiate the terms, citing the problem in the town of upsetting the ghost of Orsik who could reasonably still be a resident. He got him to agree to letting the group keep the armor with some compensation to him for leading them to it. Maynard told him he would need to meet with the rest of the team and would let him know. Rammo said he would return in an hour to hear their decision.

Darius returned from the marketplace and told Maynard he was going to see Ideara, a druid that lived nearby that the blacksmith said may be able to resize the magical armor. Maynard decided to accompany Darius to help negotiate the cost and the pair made their way to a tower that was being circled by several large birds that swooped down as they approached as if they were inspecting them. Darius knocked on the door and asked to speak to Ideara. The lady who answered the door confirmed that she was Ideara, and invited the two in. Almost immediately she asked Darius why a revenant was in Hammerfast. This shocked Darius, as not even his companions knew him to be anything more than the Drow the Raven Queen’s illusion made him appear to be. She then began asking about his mission, which Darius was very evasive of answering, though he did let her know about the Raven’s Eye amulet he sought. He asked about the armor that he had come to see her about, and she confirmed she would do it. When asked about the price, she said she would do it for free in exchange for a future favor. Darius agreed to this, and she told him to return in an hour. The two took their leave and returned to the inn. Along the way Maynard asked several questions about Darius, and he responded to a few of them.

When they walked into the inn they saw Rammo sitting at the bar and the three sat down at a table. Soon Orsik and Dark Sun returned and Minron and Kismet came downstairs. Rammo explained the situation to the entire group, provided directions to Rammo’s house where they could come with their answer. They discussed whether to take the job. Although there was some question of why Rammo would be requesting the help of the group to investigate a tomb within the city itself, Rammo seemed to all to be sincere that he just wanted to keep things out of the public eye. The group agreed to take the job.

As the discussion came to an end Darius left to pick up his armor. He knocked at the door and Ideara answered. She had the armor ready as promised. After Darius tried it on, he took the opportunity to question Ideara of her knowledge of revenants. She only acknowledged knowing general information about them. However, she did seem to know that he was compelled to return to the monastery. Darius asked her about the favor she was requesting for her services, and she told him when she was ready she would search him out.

The group met at the inn and then made their way to Rammo’s house. Rammo invited them in and brought them to the stone panel in his pantry floor. They lowered a rope down, and it was agreed that Orsik, Dark Sun, Darius and Maynard would go down while Minron and Kismet remained above. The group reached the bottom and found they were at a corner of a hallway that led to the left and straight ahead. Then, sounds of a fight could be heard from above, as the rope fell to their feet. Looking up, they saw the halfling looking down smiling. He said to them “You thought Sarlak was a human, didn’t you?” and pushed the stone back over the opening.

With no other options, the group proceeded down the hallway. Shortly they came to an intersection with another passage to the right, and to the left of the entrance a very detailed bust of a dwarf was carved into the wall. As they approached, the stone face opened its eyes and began to speak. It introduced itself as Orsik _______ _’s brother, and was the one who built the tomb. Once he passed away, he was magically merged with the tomb he built as its guardian. He told the group their would be trials ahead, but he would ask them three riddles. With each correct answer things would get a bit easier. The group tried to press the stone head for information on how to leave, but he would not, claiming he was not aware of a way out. Darius even tried to intimidate him, threatening to destroy the crypt he had built, but the guardian just laughed him off. Seeing they had no other choice they agreed to his challenge.

The group were able to answer 2 of the 3 riddles, and were told to proceed down the hall. Inside a well cut but otherwise unassuming hallway. There was an alcove in one wall half way down where a statue of a dwarf stood, and at the far end in the opposite wall was a brazier that emitted a green light. Dark Sun was able to spot pressure plates in the floor, and led the group around them. Unfortunately, he overlooked some, and once the group had all reached the midpoint of the hall large stone slabs slammed down at either end blocking the exits. A poisonous mist emitted from the bottom of the statue. A device with large blades dropped from the ceiling and began spinning along the ground by some magical power and approached the heros. Last, three mechanized crossbows revealed themselves along the ceiling and let loose a barrage of crowsbow bolts.

The team began frantically looking for the control panel that may shut the traps down, while defending themselves against the devices. Attacks made to the mechanisms themselves proved to only be fractionally effective, while their attacks were painfully effective against the heros. Fortunately for Dark Sun and Darius they had magical equipment that neutralized the poisonous gas, but Orsik and Maynard had to struggle to hold their breath while avoiding the multiple traps. Soon Orsik was able to spot a small gem at the back of the brazier and recognized it to be the control. Not having the knowledge to deactivate and not wanting to spend the time trying to find out, he began smashing at it with his hammer. Meanwhile Darius teleported up and grabbed hold of one of the crossbow turrets and tried in vain to disable it. Maynard and Dark Sun turned their attention on the whirling blades. Finally, Orsik did enough damage that the gem broke free, and the bladed spinning top came to a halt as gas dissipated. The doors opened and the group ran through the hail of crossbow bolts around the corner to safety.

Monastery of the Enlightened Flame
The dwarven map seller enlists the group to help him retrieve a gem from the ruins of a monastary
Adventure Name:Monastery of the Enlightened FlameSession Start Date: 07/03/2010
Session End Date:08/21/2010Game Days Passed:1

PCsRace ClassRoleLevelXP Earned
Darius Darkblade Revenant(Drow)AssassinStriker 4+1,186
Dark SunHumanDruidController4+1,186

Orsik Soulforger DwarfBattlemind Defender4

Minron Angryhorns MinotaurBarbarianStriker4

Kismet Longtooth ShifterWardenDefender3

After returning from their adventure to the tower, the group is approached by a messenger looking for Darius. The message was from Old Gaff, the lame dwarf who sold him the map to the tower. It requested he meet him in “the usual place,” which Darius knew to be located in the market near the entrance to the city.

After breakfast Darius set out to meet Old Gaff accompanied by Dark Sun, who also wanted to go to the market area to purchase potion ingredients. Old Gaff was easy to find in the market. He seemed pleasantly surprised that the group was able to return successful from the tower. He proceeded to tell Darius that while he doesn’t have a map to the monastery he asked about previously, he does know the way, and will take Darius and his group to it in exchange for a large fire opal that is rumored to be there. Darius and Dark Sun tell Old Gaff they need to check with the rest of the group and would let him know their answer.

The two finish their errands in the market area and return to meet with the rest of the group. Everybody agrees to the adventure, and a messenger boy was sent to Old Gaff letting him know everybody would be ready to leave out in the morning.

Dark Sun gets to work creating his first batch of Holy Water from the recipe he purchased from the local temple.

The next morning the group meet with Old Gaff at the markeplace. The five then head out of the city and down the road to the west. After a few miles they turn north and head up into the mountains. They notice the road has been heavily traveled in both direction with both human and avian footprints. The group speculates the strange footprints belong to the kinku creatures like they encountered on the way to the city.

The journey didn’t take long, even with taking a short break for lunch. They soon arrived at the ruins of monestary. They tracked the footprints they had seen along the way to stone stairs leading down to a large square room with three halls leading off in all directions. Orsik carefully looked and listened down the passage to the left while Darius did the same to the right. While Darius only saw a closed door down his passage, Orsik saw movement dart around the corner of the passage he was looking down. The group rejoined and proceed down the passage following the movement, when a human and some sort of large domesticated lizzard came around the corner to face the party and demanded to know what they were doing there. Maynard stepped up to the front and proceeded to spin an intricate bluff, claiming we were working for the authorities to protect and reclaim the treasures for the rightful owner. The man seemed unconvinced at first, but eventually seemed to give in and told the party they needed to speak with his boss. He asked the party to remain there as he went down the hall. He returned very shortly and told everybody to follow.

Walking down the long hallway the guide mentioned a passage to the right led to where goblins lived. At the end of the hallway were closed doors to the right and left. The man commanded the lizard to stay at the front of the door to the right and led the party through the door on the left down another hallway and into a room where another human stood. Maynard, Orsik, and Dark Sun, in bear form, went into the room while Old Gaff and Darius remained in the hallway. After announcing their arrival to his boss, the man who led the party there was told he could leave, and he went back down the hall and closed the door.

Maynard introduced himself and began the same story again of how the party was working for authorities to reclaim the treasure. The boss clearly did not believe he should give up any treasure, but proceeded to discuss the matter calmly with Maynard. The exchange continued back and forth for several minutes. Impatience and curiosity got the better of Darius, so he went back down the hall and opened the door to see where the man with the lizard had gone. The hallway was empty, so he went to the door across the hall and peered inside. Inside the room was the human and his pet drake, along with two halflings and a gnome, all getting ready for battle. The human spun around and proclaimed “There’s one of them now!”

As the enemies began moving towards him, Darius, quite outnumbered, used his shadow abilities to disappear from sight and move down the hallway. Several of the enemies ran across the hallway to where the others were. The surprised party turned to see the attackers come closer while the boss attempted to take advantage of the surprise and stabbed Dark Sun. The battle raged on with the boss eventually making his way out of the room and into the hall, while all others pushed into the hall to engage the party, with Darius following behind.

The human and drake made their way to the front of the attack while the others attacked from the rear and their boss was able weave his way through the party and down the hallway with surprising speed and agility. Darius created a cloud of shadow near the middle of the hall to try to isolate some of the enemies. The boss made one more attack against Darius and then took advantage of the cloud and made his way out of the hallway. The wounded Darius retreated to safety by teleporting into the room behind his friends, while the two halflings retreated. The gnome wizard turned invisible as Orsik, Dark Sun, and Maynard finished off the human and drake.

While the group took a moment to rest and heal their injuries, they looked around the room and and found a carrier pigeon with a note still on its leg, as well as a partially burned note on the desk nearby. What could be read of the burned note seemed to reference the caravan the party escorted previously, and contained threats for not succeeding to steal the cargo. The note the pigeon had was a caravan schedule from the south warehouse of Hammerfast.

The party decided it was best not to linger there while enemies may still be nearby, so after their short breather they went down the hall and tracked the enemy back to the entrance. After checking that they were not immediately near the entrance, it was decided either they fled or they were waiting in ambush. Either way, it was determined it was best for the party to stay in the catacombs and explore what else may be there.

The previously unopened door to the right of the entrance was checked first. It opened with a burst of wind, revealing an underground lake. While there was no clear entrance or exit, water seemed to be flowing in through the walls and out some unseen way. This room seemed to serve as a source of fresh water, and there was evidence that at one time it was used as storage, but that was not the case anymore.

Returning back to the entrance room the group went down the remaining passage opposite the entrance. This opened to a large, dark room, too large for the everburning torch to illuminate. Not wanting to blunder into a trap in the dark, a sunrod was activated which illuminated the entire room. There were strange holes along the wall, which the group assumed was a part of a trap. Dark Sun transformed into a mouse and scurried along the walls, expecting to find an opening or pressure plates that would activate it, but he could not find anything. The party carefully checked and could not identify any traps. The holes had wooden chips in them. The party thought there must be some significance to these holes, but after several minutes they were unsuccessful at figuring it out. They decided to give up and start down the passage identified as leading to where the goblins lived.

The hall led down further than anybody could see, with more hallways branching off to the right. The party turned down the first of these halls. A door a short way down this hall was unlocked and opened. In here was a storage containing many different types of goods, presumably from the caravan raids. Continuing down the hall, voices were heard coming from a passage to the right. The party made their way down the hall towards the voices and came upon a small group of goblins drinking and playing cards. One of them jumped up and demanded to know if the party was with Sarlak’s group, and told the party they weren’t allowed to be there due to the agreement between Sarlak and Grok. Maynard again took the lead as the party’s spokesman and attempted to argue with the goblin and try to obtain details of the agreement. The goblin would not divulge the details, simply saying over and over that they weren’t allowed to be in that area. Finally Maynard gave in and the party walked back down hallway, but just as they went around the corner Orsik said loudly “Hey, weren’t we supposed to kill those goblins?” With that the party hurried into the storage room and quietly waited to see if the goblins took the bait.

While they quietly waited in the room, they heard two voices speaking in goblin walking down the hall. A short time after, two more were heard, this time speaking in common. They were questioning what was going on with the humans, and complaining of having to do patrols now because of them.

The group debated on whether to ambush one of the patrols, or just sneak between them, and it was decided to do the latter. Once the coast was clear the group began walking back toward the room where they first encountered the goblins. Finding nobody there, they proceeded through the door and explored the halls beyond. A few rooms down Dark Sun, who had taken lead in beast form, heard voices from a room midway down the hallway. However, before he could listen, he realized the goblins within heard him. The door swung open, and a battle began.

The heros defeated the small group of goblins and took their leader, Grok, captive, despite the alarm whistle he blew during the fight. They questioned him about the gem they were searching for, but he denied any knowledge of it. He told the group all he had of value was a statue of an eagle, which Dark Sun immediately took interest in. While his room was being searched, however, the reinforcements he had called for finally arrived: two more goblins with two fire breathing beetles. Another battle began, while Grok attempted to hop away to safety.

After the beetles were defeated, one of the goblins escaped back down the hall where they had come from. It was decided Grok was not going to help them any more, and would still pose a threat, so he was eliminated. The party then healed their wounds and proceeded down the hall and through the door where the goblin escaped.

After passing through numerous rooms that appeared to be used as bedding, the group arrived at a large room with a big firepit in the center with lots of devices and equipment for torture. Many goblins were in the room along with two captives in cages at the back: a large minotaur and feral looking human. As soon as the party entered the room, a battle began with the awaiting goblins, though they proved to be of little match, despite outnumbering the party, and even less so as their captives joined in the battle. One remaining archer surrendered after seeing all his comrades taken down. He was taken prisoner and locked into one of the cells. In exchange for sparing his life he provided the party with what little information he had about the area, telling them that it was said cleric has been seen walking the halls, and that several goblin patrols had gone missing in the large room near the entrance.

The group exchanged brief introductions with the two former prisoners, Minron the Minotaur and Kismet, a Shifter. They agreed to join the group on their quest, and after already proven themselves in battle the group was happy to have them. They finished exploring the remaining rooms in that area, finding several desks. some had very old notes that seemed to be personal letters that referred to clerics praising Imix. Finding nothing else of value, the goblin prisoner was given several days worth of rations by Maynard and the group returned to the large room near the entrance to determine its secrets.

The room was just as they left it, with multiple notches in the back wall. It was speculated they once held a structure. With the tall minotaur’s help, some levers were located about 10 feet above the floor. Kismet climbed up on his shoulders and activated one of the levers. A door slid open. Suddenly, two thin gray arms reached out and pulled Kismet into the dark passage. Darius teleported up with his shadow abilities and Orsik climbed up the wall, while the rest attacked the two ghouls from below. The division of the team made the battle more difficult, but soon the group was victorious nonetheless.

After assisting the rest of the party up, they started down the secret passage. At the end of the hall Orsik caught glimpse of something walking down the cross passage, and the clacking sounds of bones could be heard by all. The group determined that it would be best to try to finish off the small patrol quickly, and went out into the passage ready for battle. Unfortunately, things did not go as they had hoped, as sounds of clacking bones were heard coming from all three directions. The party prepared themselves as waves of skeleton guards came down the halls. The group divided their resources and were able to defeat all of the skeletons in a relatively short amount of time.

After a breather the group took note of their surroundings and found the walls to be lined by large plates with handles. After closer inspection the plates were found to be doors, and after determining it was safe to open, Darius removed one of them and revealed them to be tombs holding remains of what was assumed to be warriors posed with sword and armor.

The group then explored the catacombs, following passage after passage of similar halls lined with crypts. After much searching, a room was found that at first glance seemed empty, but a secret door was discovered in the back corner. The door was a sort of two way door, opening in one direction or the other. The party arbitrarily decided to go to the left, and after close examination of the mechanism it was properly triggered to open to the desired passage.

The passage opened to a large staircase that led into a large room. A large statue stood at the side with six people surrounding it worshiping. Four mechanical dog-like creatures stood around a flaming pit at the center. Another figure stood at the back of the room in front of an altar. On top of the altar was the fire opal they had come searching for.

As the party entered the room, the figure at the back brandished a scimitar that ignited in flames and called out the order to attack. The metal dogs and acolytes rushed into battle against the party. While the party was able to hold their own, a surprising and deadly ability of the acolytes was revealed as instead of falling from a deadly blow, one exploded in a massive fireball, causing the two nearby to do the same, and doing some major damage to the heroes fighting them. Despite this, the group pressed on, eventually defeating all the enemies.

Once the battle was over, Old Gaff quickly hobbled to the altar and happily claimed prize he had come to find. As he did so, the flames at the center of the room extinguished. After searching the room for other treasures, the group went back into the previous room and triggered the secret door to swing in the other direction, revealing a small room with some gold and bookcases.

Although it seemed the party had discovered everything of value in the catacombs, Darius urged the group to explore one last passage they had not yet adventured into. While not everybody seemed to agree this was the best course of action, after a brief discussion and the notion that more treasure may await, the group agreed to explore.

The group made their way back to the opposite side of the crypt where the remaining passage lie, and found the passage began branching into other directions. Additionally, the passage was noticably clean compared to the previous areas, as if this was and actively used area.

Walking around the corner Orsik, who was taking lead, heard voices speaking in the language the goblins spoke. Minron confirmed and could understand what they were saying, that they seemed to be playing a card game. The team readied themselves for combat. Still seeking revenge for his imprisonment, Minron busted down the door with a mighty charge. The creatures inside were not goblins, though they were similar. Kismet recognized them immediately as hobgoblins. As the two hobgoblins regained their composure from the surprise entrance, one blew a warning whistle. A hidden door in the back of the room opened, and two more figures came running up the narrow secret passage. The one at the back was dressed in the robes of a magic user. Attempting to prevent the wizard from assisting the other fighters, Darius teleported into the narrow passage between the two new enemies and blinded them with his cloud of darkness. Unfortunately he underestimated the wizard as a deadly blast emanated from the enemy’s staff. Had he been mortal he would have fallen, but thanks to his undead physiology he was able to teleport to safety behind his companions before collapsing.

The hobgoblins were soon defeated, and the group forced the remaining enemies back into the secret room. Orsik, Minron, Darksun, and Kismet pursued them into the room as more reinforcements made their way in from a door at the back. Maynard tended to Darius’ wounds, and the assasin immediately rushed back down the hall to rejoin the battle. Maynard stayed behind near the main hall to make sure no other enemies came from behind.

With the defeat of the wizard the tide of the battle turned easily to the heros’ favor. Darksun withdrew to check on Maynard with Darius following soon after. As Darksun neared Maynard’s position, Maynard called out a warning that more enemies were coming down the main passage. The three heros met the reinforcements at the doorway. These new enemies were two metal dogs and four humans wearing outfits with the symbol of Imix. The one at the back seemed to be the leader as well as some sort of spellcaster. His hands and face were badly burned and he announced himself as Laurath the Scarred.

The battle with the new enemies began as the other group finished off the last of the goblins. Orsik and Kismet began back to the original room to meet up with the rest of the group, while Minron rushed down the hall in the opposite direction to make sure there were no remaining goblins. Meanwhile, Maynard, Darksun, and Darius were holding their own against the formidable enemies, until Laurath magically pulled Darksun into the center of the group where he was seriously wounded by the attacks of the surrounding foes. He attempted to get out of the deadly situation by transforming into a tiny mouse and scurrying past the enemies. Unfortunately his plan did not work and the surrounding enemies dealt several deadly blows as he attempted his escape, nearly killing him. Orsik and Kismet arrived to the battle, and were able to finish off the metal dogs. The battle pressed on as Minron made his way through the passage and back to the main hall where he rejoined the battle. Eventually the warriors were able to defeat Laureth and his men.

Exhausted from the recent battles and with Darksun barely alive, the group decided to take refuge in the room behind the hidden passage, which they determined was the most defensible room in the area. They remained there for the night, which passed without any incidents.

The next morning the group, now completely refreshed, continued down the hall where they found a few rooms that appeared to be the living area of the hobgoblins, but nothing of much interest. The then doubled back to the side passage they had passed the previous day. It went straight for a short while and ended in a storm-cellar style door opening to the marshlands behind the monastery ruins. There was some discussion that there must be more in the monastery, since no living quarters for humans were ever found, but it was argued they may not actually live in the monastery. Without any real leads on where to search next, and with Old Gaff anxious to return with his prize, the group decided to return to town. They did not encounter any problems on their way back, nor did they see any evidence of Sarlak or his men.

The Broken Tower
Darius accepts a map from a lame dwarf in Hammerfast while asking about a mysterious amulet
Adventure Name:Carvan DutySession Start Date: 06/12/2010
Session End Date:07/03/2010Game Days Passed:3

PCsRace ClassRoleLevelXP Earned
Darius DarkbladeRevenant(Drow)AssassinStriker 3+481
Dark SunHumanDruidController3+481
Maynard the BardHumanBardLeader3


Orsik Soulforger DwarfBattlemind Defender3


Using his street skills, Darius pumps a bit of gold and drink into the locals to find anything out about The Enlightened Flame monastery that was said to exist in these parts of the Dawnforged Mountains. After a couple of hours his efforts were paid off with the name of a one legged dwarf called Old Gaff.

Darius kept asking the Gaff about a monastery used by the monks of the enlightened flame. Gaff kept deflecting those questions back to a map he wanted to sell to Darius telling him if he and his crew can handle this old wizard’s tower then he will gladly tell Darius about this monastery. Darius reluctantly agreed to buy the map from the dwarf. Darius sighed then headed back to the Coach and Pony Inn to talk with the rest of the crew.


Caravan Duty
A dwarf, an undead assassin, a human bard and a hippie agree to escort wagons on a 3 day tour
Adventure Name:Carvan DutySession Start Date: 06/06/2010
Session End Date:06/12/2010Game Days Passed:3

PCsRace ClassRoleLevelXP Earned
Darius DarkbladeRevenant(Drow)AssassinStriker 2+300
Dark SunHumanDruidController2+300
Maynard the BardHumanBardLeader2


Orsik Soulforger DwarfBattlemind Defender2

NPC/Monsters MetLocation
Galwick GoldspinnerFallcrest
Marisa, Priestess Of Pelor, Head Priest of the Church of LightFallcrest
Barton, Proprietor of the Five League House
Halfling ThiefDawnforge Mountains along the Trade Road
Human BanditDawnforge Mountains along the Trade Road
Kenku WarriorDawnforge Mountains along the Trade Road
Kenku RuffianDawnforge Mountains along the Trade Road

The evening before the secretive Darius Darkblade crept out into the streets of Fallcrest to learn all he could about The Enlightened Flame. His thinking was this sect of monks had something to do with this mysterious amulet that he is seeking. During his outing he learned the monks of the Enlightened Flame kept a monastery in the Dawnforge Mountains near Hammerfast. Satisfied he retired to his room to contemplate this information.

Marisa the head priestess of the Church of Light sends a messenger to Orisk to setup a meeting. At the same time Dark Sun finds a job posting for guards during a trip to Hammerfast posted by Galwick Goldspinner. Dark Sun heads off to meet up with the rest of the group to tell them they have a new job!

The adventurers meet up at The Coach and Pony Inn to talk about their options for work. Orsik tells the group that a Priestess of Pelor has requested a meeting with him about a job. Dark Sun tells the group about his job. Together they decide to take the job that pays the most.
Orsik and Darius head over to the Church of Light to meet with Marisa which makes Darius a little nervous. At the meeting Marisa tells them that she has been researching death cults. There was one particular cult led by a nasty priest of Orcus named Kalarel. This death cult was tracked when they left Fallcrest but were lost around Winterhaven. Marisa wants Orsik and his friends to investigate and eliminate the death cult around Winterhaven. She is willing to pay them 250 gold pieces.
Dark Sun and Maynard seek out Galwick at the Coach and Pony Inn. They were not expecting the loud and boistrous dwarf but both seemed to like him alot. Galwick explained to the group in a loud voice that he was seeking able bodies to protect two wagons headed to Hammerfast. He said he needed to get to Hammerfast to sell an important shipment of hydra blood. Galwick kept asking questions about the group’s plans to protect his wagons. Maynard and Dark Sun were able to outline a plan to his satisfaction. Galwick was willing to pay the group 250 gp but the fast talking Maynard was able to convince him to part with 400 gp to obtain their services.

The four adventurer’s met back at the Coach and Pony Inn to discuss their options. After a brief discussion it was agreed to escort Galwick’s wagons to Hammerfast. The next morning came and Galwick was ready to go with his two wagons and drivers. The group ate breakfast then implemented their plan to protect the wagons.

The first part of the journey went fine. On the road they met a group of 5 travelers but after a brief talk they determined the travelers were adventurers on their way to Fallcrest. Later on in the evening the group found a campsite near were the traveler’s said they camped. Feeling safe, the group circled the wagons to camp for the night. Their journey would continue in the morning and their next stop would be the Five League House.

The next morning came quick enough. After a quick breakfast the group loaded their gear to begin their journey to the Five League House. The day went by uneventful and the group could see the Dawnforge Mountains in the distance, much closer than a two days ago. After talking with the stable boy, Harrould, all of the group except for Dark Sun entered the Inn. Inside they met Barton. The loud but jovial proprietor of the Five League House.

Galwick paid for the rooms and a meal. The group ate and talked about events in the world. Barton asked why the group was out traveling. The only answer he got was they were escorting Galwick’s wagons to Hammerfast. After the meal, the bard, Maynard pulled out his Fochlucan Bandore to perform for the group. Maynard began to sing a song because they were all in the mood for a melody and they were feeling all right.

It was a pretty good crowd for a midweek night and Barton gave him a smile. It seemed everyone was here to see Maynard the Bard to forget about their life for awhile. And the Fochlucan Bandore sounds like a carnivore and the air smelled like beer. Everyone sat at the bar but no one put bread in his jar/ Barton said Man, what are you doing here? Maynard sang, “Oh, la la la, di da da, La la, di da da da dum”. Everyone went to bed after the entertainment and they all slept with smiles on their faces.

The adventurers awoke to a big breakfast provided by Barton, his appreciation for the entertainment the night before. This brightened the spirits of the adventurers as they faced the last leg of their journey.

With bellies full and the wagons ready to go the group waved goodbye to Barton as they traveled down the Trade Road toward Hammerfast. It was after lunch when the group spotted the smoke and the wreckage of a wagon just south of the road.

Dark Sun, the druid, changed shape to a bear and sauntered up to the wagon. When he turned so a bush wasn’t blocking his sight he quickly realized something wasn’t right. One of the victims pinned under the wagon wasn’t really pinned. It appeared a groove was dug so someone could place their legs under the wagon in a way the person could quickly remove it if there were ever a need for it. Dark Sun calls out a warning to the group to ensure everyone is on their toes.

Darius Darkblade sizes up the situation on the north side of the road where he spots four figures hiding in the bushes. Two humans and two furried feet halflings. Darius jumps over the side of the wagon, runs up to the nearest hidden figure then lashes out with a shadowy scimitar stabbing the surprised halfling. The halfling cried out, “Our wagon has been attacked!”
“What are you doing?” cries Maynard.

It seems chaos ensues. There were four figures over by the wagon who appeared to be humans wrapped in cloth but once the ruse was figured out the figures dropped their disquises revealing them to be bird-like humanoid creatures known as Kenku’s. The battle lasted for several seconds. Both drivers were felled by the human bandits. Darius was able to teleport Galwick to safety in the chaos then he engaged a couple of halflings. The group dispatched the ambushers, either killing them or driving them off. They were able to revive one of the halflings so they could question him and turn him over to the authorities.

After a brief rest to catch their breath the group gathered up their things and headed off to Hammerfast. It was in Hammerfast, at the West Gate, were they turned over their prisoner and waited for Galwick to return from the Revenue Hall. During this time, the dwarf priest Grond was speaking out against non-dwarf’s being in Hammerfast. Grond was able to get a sizable group of supporters to gather in the area and he was just getting to the climax of his speech when the town guard arrived to escort Grond off before a riot broke out.

Perplexed the group waited for Galwick to return then they headed off to the warehouse district to the Goldspinner’s place of business. Galwick and his mother, appreciative of the groups efforts to protect the shipment put the group up in The Coach and Pony Inn at their expense.

Kobold Hall
Our heroes seek their fortune in the ruins of minor lord's holding.
Adventure Name:Kobold HallSession Start Date: 05/15/2010
Session End Date:5/30/2010Game Days Passed:1
PCsRace ClassRoleLevelXP Earned
Darius DarkbladeRevenant(Drow)AssassinStriker 2 1,500
Dark SunHumanDruidController2 1,500
Maynard the BardHumanBardLeader2 1,500
Orsik Soulforger DwarfBattlemind Defender2 1,500
NPC/Monsters MetLocation
Tobolar Quickfoot, Halfling apprentice to NimozaranFallcrest
Nimozaran the Green, High Septarch of FallcrestFallcrest
Teldorthan Ironhews owner/operator of Teldorthan’s ArmsFallcrest
Kobold SkirmishersSludge Pit, The Tomb
Kobold SlingerSludge Pit, Skull-Skull!, The Big Boss
Dart TrapThe Tomb
Kobold MinionSkull-Skull!
Guard DrakeSkull-Skull!
Skull-Skull StoneSkull-Skull!
Kobold DragonshieldsThe Big Boss
Kobold WyrmpriestThe Big Boss
Rolling Boulder TrapTHe Big Boss
Szartharrax, young white dragonThe True Threat
Story Summary

Four young adventurers seeking their fortunes or something else traveled from around the Known World to the Nentir Vale. The four met on the road, probably as caravan guards, heading to Fallcrest. Each had their own reasons for coming to Fallcrest which they shared with the rest of group during their trip.

The reclusive Darius Darkblade was allowed to leave the Shadowfell at the Raven Queen’s command. Why did the Godess of the Dead allow a soul to leave the Land of the Dead? Darius told the group he was searching for someone. No one bothered to ask follow up questions. Maybe the group is afraid of the walking dead?

The human druid, Dark Sun, told of his people who in tune with the Primal Spirits. He had been named so because he was born under an eclipse. Dark Sun came to Fallcrest because <fill>.

Orsik Soulforger came to Fallcrest to seek his fortune so he can return to free his ancestral homeland. He has learned to fight by using the power of his mind to alter his body or to induce psychic backlashes in his enemies. He is a dwarf of few words then again actions speak louder than words. Orsik Soulforger’s actions scream INTENSITY.

The human bard, Maynard, came to Fallcrest to find the Perfect Song. He’s not sure what that is but it seems he has dedicated his life to find this Perfect Song. The Song may already be written or maybe, just maybe, Maynard is the one to write it. He has tied his fate to the other three, an undead assassin, a dwarf who communes with the Primal Spirits and the strangest of all a dwarf who channels the strange and powerful Psionic energy.

The four explored Fallcrest for a day, learning the lay of the land and trying to find work. In the marketplace they found a board where odd jobs were posted by people seeking laborers. Not every job posted was mundane. Three jobs immediately captured their attention.




After a discussion amongst themselves they decide to visit Nimozaran’s tower. The group knows they can turn in the kobold bounty after the fact and they plan on talking with Teldorthan about recovering his dragon hide too.

Maynard was able to flag down a passerby for directions to Nimozaran’s tower. The passerby was more than happy to escort the group to the tower and for his efforts he received a gold piece from Maynard. The group, lead by Maynard the bard, knocked on the tower door of the wizard, Nimozaran. A young elf lad answered the door inquiring the group for their reason to interrupt the Master.

“We are here to talk about his problem with the kobolds, “ replied Maynard.

“Please step in and have a seat. I’ll fetch the Master,” the elf lad flatly stated.

The group was led to a nice sitting area, complete with a comfortable chairs, couches and a nice cozy fireplace. It wasn’t long when a Halfling lad appeared with food laden trays, goblets and a bottle of wine. “Sorry, “ the Halfling said, “I was practicing an illusion when you knocked on the door. The Master will be with you shortly.”

It wasn’t much longer when the wizard Nimozaran appeared in the sitting room. The wizard was the archtypical wizard. He was an older male human with long white hair, white beard, bushy eyebrows and a long, practical green robe. “Tobolar says you are here to investigate the kobold problem.”

“Yes, we are interested in the problem and how much the problem pays, “ replied Maynard.

The wizard chuckles then begins his tale, “There is a ruined manor on the northern edge of The Cloak Wood. It was once a minor lords proud holding overlooking the old King’s Road. The name of the lord and his glorious deeds he earned are long forgotten. Today, the place is called Kobold Hall after the malicious humanoids that infest the place. The Cloak Wood has overrun the grounds, with trees growing in the midst of the abandoned gardens and courtyards.

Several kobold tribes once dwelled within the ruins, hiding in the multitude of tunnels, ruins and cellars found here. The tribes squabbled with each other, raid surrounding settlements, and attack caravans on the old King’s Road. Lately, the kobolds have become more aggressive. The Skull Kicker tribe has taken over or driven off the rival tribes. Emboldened, the Skull Kickers stole a wagon loaded with valuable cargo from a caravan on the King’s Road.

In my experience, kobolds are not this aggressive so I suspect there is something more sinister backing or forcing the kobolds to attack the caravans. I am looking for someone with enough moxie to find out who or what is causing the kobolds to behave this way. I can pay you in services instead of gold plus you can keep whatever treasures you may find at Kobold Hall. I am willing to allow you use of my teleport circle to take you to Kobold Hall. Does this interest you?”

Maynard cleared his throat, “Yes, sir, we are interested in this task. However, we are wanting to talk to the armorer Teldorthan about his missing cargo.”

“What kinds of services is better than gold, “ rasps Darius from beneath his cloak.

The wizard stares intently at the revenant but Tobolar is the first to speak up, “The Master can enchant and disenchant magical items. He can teleport you to places around the world and he can create potions or supply you with rituals. I think that is better than gold.”

Nimozaran smiles then states, “Teldorthan’s missing cargo is a cured green dragon hide that he has been waitng for so he can make a fine suit of scale armor. You can talk with him, of course, but you will learn the same thing. I’m sure he will pay you his reward of 200 gp if you find it while you are doing this mission for me.”

“I think we need to discuss this as a group before we accept your offer, Nimozaran,” Maynard states.

“As you wish. Feel free to enjoy the food and have your discussion. Inform my apprentice of your decision.” With that said Nimozaran shuffles out of the room to attend wizardly business.

The group has their discussion. They agree there is no need to talk with the dwarf armorer. If they can do this mission for the wizard it seems they may be able to finish all three jobs then attend to the rewards after the fact.

“Tobolar, we will accept your master’s job.” Maynard tells the little apprentice.

The halfling apprentice smiles then says, “Follow me.” Tobolar leads the group to a small room off the seating area. The group misses the small hand single and the mumble of words as the door opened to the small room. The room is bare except for arcane symbols glowing blue on the floor.

“Where does that lead?” asks the cloaked covered revenant.

“To a path just outside the ruins of Kobold Hall.” Tobolar replies. “It should be very easy to find the entry way to the Skull Kicker’s lair. You will be 15 miles from Fallcrest within a small part of the Cloak Wood.”

One by one the group enters the circle. Each one winked out of the bare room then winked in to view on a small path in a forest. Not very far down the path the group sees the once sprawling manor now known as the ruins of Kobold Hall. Inside the keep, the group finds a trapdoor at the base of an old guard tower. This must lead beneath the ruins. The passageway is dark with no sign of a light ahead. Orsik searches his backpack for a sunrod then activates it sending beams of light around a large area of the forest. Together they head down the steps into the unknown.

At the bottom of the stairs they see dominating the room ahead is a long trench filled with a glowing green substance. Beyond the trench, a small, reptillian humanoid stands in a shadowy chamber, gaping at you. It carries a sling, and quickly reaches into a pouch at its belf for a stone. It hisses and shouts, “Intruderssss! Intruderssss!”

The group reacts quickly and moves into position while other kobolds run out of a chamber the kobold slinger had its back to the open doorway. The initial volleys of the attack were but minor wounds to both sides. It wasn’t until later in the fight when the group saw the porticullis barring passage to the eastern corridor. Revenant found out about it when one of the sling bullets burst open to spread a sticky substance on his feet forcing him to remain stationary.

Several of the glue shots were flying around the room. Some finding their target others bursting harmlessly on the floor. The two kobold skirmishers moved fleet of foot around the room trying to get a target in a more favorable tactical position. Eventually, the two would flank the dwarf battlemind, Orsik, stabbing him with their spears.

The revenant assassin, Darius, surprised the kobold slinger, who was able to move through the porticullis bars due to his small size, when he shadow stepped behind the kobold. Promptly, Darius stabbed at the little one with his scimitar causing it to shriek in pain. Darius also called upon the Shadowfell to place a death shroud causing the shadow death to fall upon the kobold slinger. The slinger let out an “EEP!”, dropped his sling, pulled a dagger then slashed at the revenant but his attack did not find purchase. Deciding it did not want to be behind bars with the undead assassin the slinger attempted an escape but Darius scimitar stopped the little guy from breathing when it made its getaway.

After 30 seconds or so of fighting the kobolds were all dispatched. The heroes rested a short bit and searched for loot. Orsik picked up a sling and several bullets. The rest of the “loot” the kobolds were carrying or using as weapons. The group made their way down the eastern passageway after the revenant, Darius, opened the porticullis.

The next room ahead had four stone coffins, all of which showed signs of vandalism and abuse. To the left is a series of six niches, set apart into two groups of three. Two more niches along the walls each held a suit of armor. On the opposite end of the room was a raised section of floor with a makeshift altar to Tiamat set atop it. Three kobolds carrying spears stood in front of the altar.

Not wasting time the group quickly moved into position recognizing they had surprised the kobolds. The dwarf battlemind took off stepping on two pressure plates along the way causing the suits of armor to fire small barbed darts at him. None of the darts hit him but he continued until he smacked the nearest kobold with his warhammer. The other each attempted to get close to the kobolds before they had time to react. Some made it to their targets but missed with either sword, spell or claw.

The kobolds having the advantage of knowing the area moved around the room, sticking fingers in their ears, waggling the fingers at the group while giving the group a raspberries with their tongue trying to get the group to chase them. The tactic basically worked but the group quickly defeated the kobolds while trying to avoid the traps. Some times successful and at other times not. The revenant assassin, Darius, quickly disabled the two dart traps after finding all the pressure plates and marking them with small stones found near the ruined coffins.

After a quick search for loot and a short rest the group moved through the eastern corridor to the next chamber of the kobold lair. The chamber appeard to once have been a tomb, but the kobolds transformed it into what might almost be called a playground.

Four stone coffins lie here, with a sludge-filled pit between them. A pair of wooden double doors are located on the opposite end of the room. There are two raised platforms on either side of the doors, both 10 feet above the floor. Two kobolds stood atop each platform. A large rock with long ropes attached to it hangs from the ceiling. A kobold on each platform holds the other end of the rope.

The group moves into the room. The revenant stops at the head of the first coffin then he lowers a shadowy noose around the closest kobold slinger. The kobold gurgles as the noose tightens around its neck and death’s shadow creeps over the kobold.

The kobold behind the slinger pulls on the rope which sets the rock overhead a swinging then he pulls or lowers the rope to move the rock around the room. Its attempt to hit the shadowy assassin fails because the rope is too short.

The group manuevers around the room, avoiding the pool of glowing goo, and attempting to avoid the swinging rock. The dwarf battlemind stops at the double doors and begins swinging his hammer at the closest one.

Maynard the bard launches vicious insults at the kobolds terrifying them and weaving his arcane magic causing them to launch into a blind rage. The druid, Dark Sun, calling upon the Primal Spirits launches chilling winds at the kobold slinger on the left platform. The winds buffet both kobolds killing the one holding the rope on the left platform.

The battle continues with another kobold running up stairs to the platform, grabbing the rope and swinging the rock at another hero. The rock narrowly misses the Druid. Another shadowy noose from the undead assassin eliminates the slinger on right while the druid calls upone the Primal Spirits to cast Fires of Life on the kobolds on the left platform. Searing flame engulfs both kobolds killing the one holding the rope and the slinger catches fire. The Primal Spirits wash over Orsik mending his wounds.

Orsik hearing growling sounds on the other side of the doors launches another attack at the door finally bursting through it. He sees two green guard drakes as they turn towards the broken door. The heroes defeat the remaining foes and make short work of the drakes. During their brief fight and short rest they see what appears to be another room through the eastern corridor.

The PCs arrive at room with a 20-foot tall ceiling. There is a 10-foot-wall before them that leaves passages open to both the right and left. There is a groove, roughly in the center of the passage. The sound of cracking timbers shatters the hall, the floor shakes as dust cascades down from the ceiling. A large, heavy rock hurtles down towards them.

Darius runs in the room to the right where the boulder was propped on a raised 10-foot-tall platform. He was able to see two kobolds wearing scale armor and armed with short sword and shields. Behind them was a kobold dressed in hides, wearing a bone mask and carrying a staff. All three on a raised platform 10-foot from the floor.

Two kobolds dressed in leather armor and armed with daggers and slings climbs to the top of the stone wall. They immediately fire sling bullets at Darius and Orsik. One of the bullets immobilized Darius with a sticky glue when the bullet burst open after hitting him. The other missed Orsik.

Orsik runs into the room dodging the boulder and meeting the kobold dragonshields on the stairs leading up to the platform. A series of blows ensues but no real damage is scored. The boulder followed the grooves around the room while the combatants tried to stay out of its way.

The wyrmpriest utters arcane words, points his staff at Darius as a ball of blue energy belches forth and blasts the wall above Darius head.

Dark Sun attempts to call on the primal spirits to create a blast of cold air to blow the kobold slingers off the wall. The spirits respond to his call but the timing of the blast of air is off and both kobolds stay perched on the wall.

Darius pulls one of the dragonshields off the platform with a shadowy noose. The kobold falls hurting itself from the fall (DM – The kobold should have received a saving throw to drop prone and avoid the falling damage) and the shadowy noose wrapped around its neck.

The kobold slingers fling bullets at Darius and Orsik missing both with glue shots. Orsik turns his hand and warhammer into iron then swings it at a kobold dragonshield scoring a hit as his hammer catches the kobold in the side causing it to issue a hurtful “OOMPH!”

The battle continues with the slingers flinging bullets. The dragonshields protecting the wyrm priest, the wyrm priest inciting his followers and lobbing energy blasts at the invaders. Once the wyrmpriest blast his followers and Orsik with his cold breath.

The boulder travelled around the groove catching a kobold and then Dark Sun in its path. It severly wounded both of them.

Between Dark Sun alternating between firing crossbow bolts and calling up on primal spirts to attack his foes, Orsik slamming foes with his warhammer or ironfist, Maynard lobbing vicious insults and Darius calling upon his shadowy powers the battle was quickly resolved with the PCs being victorious.

After a short rest, searching the room and bodies for loot the PCs were able to find a map and a key and a small wooden rod wrapped in snakeskin on the wyrmpriest. The map and the key proved useful when the map pointed the way to a secret door that led further down into the depths of kobold hall. The key opened the secret door so the PCs didn’t have to try their thieving skills.

Opening the secret door revealed a set of worked stone stairs leading down about 10 or 15 feet into a dark stone worked passageway. The air was unnaturally cold and our heroes could see their breath when they walked and talked. The heroes made their way down the stoneworked passage, a distance of about forty feet, before the passage turned to the north. The worked stone passage went another twenty feet then opened into a large, natural cavern. The cavern was about twenty feet tall and three times that wide. There was a large pool of water that was now ice. Our heroic druid, Dark Sun, stealthed ahead in cat form to search out the area. It was when he stealthed to the north-western part of the cavern is when he found the source of the cold. The pearly white scales, the long tail and bat-like wings were easy enough to spot and from ancient tales told Dark Sun this creature was a white dragon. A small dragon, but a dragon nonetheless.

“What are you doing in my lair?” the white dragon, known as Szartharrax, hissed.

The heroes had found the source that was forcing the kobolds to be more aggressive in their attacks. The friends settled down for a battle. Ironfists were thrown by Orsik the Battlemind, shadowy nooses and leaping blades from the Shadowfell were called upon by the assassin, Darius Darkblade. Dark Sun called upon the primal spirits until his non-cold based spells were exhausted then he resorted to crossbow bolts or the sharp claws of his cat form. The Bard, Maynard, resorted to puns and vicious insults that wreaked havoc on Szartharrax’s psyche.

“Your mother had sex with a snowcone machine,” Maynard sang as arcane energy leapt from this hands striking the white scaled monster in the head.

“You breath smells like you ate too many Mentos, ” as another vicious barb flew from Maynard’s gifted tongue.

On and on the battle went as the white dragon, known as Szartharrax, fought the heroes with claw, claw, bite and freezing breath. Blood spilled on both sides. Our heroes were exhausted of their more powerful spells. Orsik pounded the dragon’s chest scales in with his ironfists again and again. Szartharrax finally fell, its head lolling to one side before his quivering mass of flesh finally ceased to breath.

Our heroes rested, looted the dragon’s treasure and picked the choicest scales for a future set of armor. They left Kobold Hall then traveled a half day back to Fallcrest so they could meet with Nimozaran, Teldorthan and to collect their reward from the town of Fallcrest.


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