Nentir Vale

Rumble in Thunderspire

As told from the perspective of Maynard.

Week 1:

Hammerfast has been getting a bit dangerous as of late. Anytime we try to set foot in the place, angry mobs come after us cause we aren’t dwarves. Except that Orsik is a dwarf, but he doesn’t count because he’s cool I guess. I was very worried that if I left my money in the bank, I wouldn’t be able to get it if I waited much longer. I snuck into the bank and made a full withdrawal. Crummy bank didn’t pay me any interest either.

We decided that maybe our answered lied in Thunderspire so we set out west. We camped for the night and I fell fast asleep after a very boring watch where nothing happened. I was having an awesome dream when I was rudely awakened by our friendly cow. Apparently, some folks were camped nearby yelling about how stupid us non-dwarves are. When we investigated, we found some black dwarves, and a warlock with a tattoo on his forehead. Yeah, who the heck is crazy enough to put a tattoo to an evil god on their forehead? This guy.

We tried to fool them by staging a fake fight between ourselves. I put on my best acting skills but I guess they figured out I wasn’t serious and they attacked us. What the heck? Why is everybody so aggressive? Luckily, we didn’t have to kill the leader but the others couldn’t be saved. We questioned him and learned that he had been influencing the circle of stone in order to weaken Hammerfast from the inside. We brought the warlock guy to Hammerfast to be put in jail but made no promise we’d be back in time for the trial. Chances are, they had to let the guy loose by now. Hopefully, he’s changed his ways though.

Week 2:

We still don’t feel welcome at Hammerfast so we set out for Thunderspire in search of this wierd amulet thingy. Along the way, we stopped at the five league inn. I had some great venisson stew and we told the owner where we were headed. Now, this point is very important, the owner of the inn knew where and when we were going.

We continued on to Thunderspire but before we could get there, we ran into some dudes on the street blocking the road. The man asked us to pay the toll so I asked him how much it was. He wanted everything we had. Well, that just seems like a ludicrous amount. I really didn’t want to fight these guys so I asked them to surrender. We obviously had the upper hand here since they were using farm implements as weapons. They charged us anyway. Sadly, only three survived and we had to kill nine. There is too much blood on my hands these days. I don’t understand why people are so aggressive these days. It wasn’t always like this was it?

From one of the bandits we had subdued, we learned that the attack against us was planned. Does the innkeeper of the five league inn work for our enemies?

Week 3:

We finally got to Thunderspire. It actually is quite a wonder with the magical lighting and the massively carved cavern. We hadn’t been here but a few minutes when we some folks bargaining for the price of a slave. We decided to investigate and I asked a fellow who these people were. They call themselves “Blood Reavers”. What the heck? That’s like saying “I’m a deathknight, fear my cool death powers!” No subtlety here folks. I asked them what they do. “We’re slave traders.” Again, who the heck says “I’m a slave trader!” so openly? I try to fool them by saying that we had come to purchase some slaves to which he responded “prepare to die”. Why so much aggression? Sadly, we had to slaughter them all in order to save our own lives. Luckily, we were able to save a little halfling slave.

Week 4:

The slave was pretty cool. He took us to his family’s inn and gave us free food. We asked him if he knew certain people but he didn’t. It’s an innkeeper who doesn’t know what’s going on around town. What the heck? It seemed that the trail for this wierd amulet had gone cold.

But something else was bugging me. We can’t just let these Blood Reaver guys have their pick of the innocent citizens of this town could we? I tried to rally the rest of the party to go along and Minron instantly agreed. I could almost swear that Orsik’s armor wa sagreeing with me too. But, the rest of the party was reluctant. They seemed to prefer to chase some strong red-haired woman in some unknown direction instead of dealing out justice. Removing the Blood Reavers from power in this town was an obvious choice so I eventually convinced the party to help me. We broke into their compound and managed to breakup some gambling going on. We found some nice shiny stuff too.



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