Nentir Vale

The Enemy Within

The party is tasked with an assignment that isn't their strong suit.

Adventure Name:The Enemy WithinSession Start Date: 09/11/2010
Session End Date:09/25/2010Game Days Passed:2

Having beat (in a literal sense) most of the trapped hall, the group advanced around the next corner, both to continue their exploration and to block the line of sight of the still firing crossbows. The hall ended in a door, which opened in a large room with several raised platforms, the middle of which had the finest set of mail that any of the party had ever seen. Maynard and Dark Sun sensed that the mail was protected by magic. Everyone sensed the myriad of construct animals in the room, and several of them attacked! Joining in the attack where some small stirges, riled up by the commotion of battle.

One by one the party disassembled the constructs, and began the process of diffusing the magic that surrounded the armor. Maynard and Dark Sun recited magical passages. The process continued on steadily, but there were several missteps, including the activation of more constructs. There were fewer than in the initial assault, and the party was able to handle them without issue.

Finally, the magic surrounding the mail fell and the impetuous Orsik stepped onto the platform and took the mail off the rack on which it hung. He stood motionless for several long seconds, as if transfixed by the beauty of the armor. He then began to remove his armor and put the mail on without the usual benefit of identification by his friends who were schooled in the arcane arts. As they watched, the armor shifted from chain mail to scale mail once Orsik had put it on. “This is the Invulnerable Coat of Arnd,” he said, obviously overwhelmed. “It is time for it to reenter the world and make its impact.”

With this, the group moved back towards the place where they had been lowered into the tomb, dodging crossbow bolts and hurling insults at the dwarven construct and their way. As they were about ready to assess their plight, a stone moved in the ceiling and the head and horns of Minron looked down on them. “Hello,” he said, “You guys need some help up?” The group readily agreed, and Minron and Kismet helped their fellows up from the depths.

When the party came up from the hole, they found 4 halfling bodies laid on the floor where Angron and Kismet had made their stand. They had been knocked unconscious by Sarlek’s minions, but had regained their wits soon enough to fight off being thrown into the hole. Angry and betrayed, the party went back to the Coach and Pony.

The group went and told Gowick what had happened. The he was sympathetic, he didn’t know of any Rammo or Sarlek, so he had no idea where the halfling could be.



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