Nentir Vale

Rumble at the Foundation Stone

Hitting Halflings for Fun, Profit, and More Fun

Adventure Name:The Secret TombSession Start Date: 10/16/2010
Session End Date:10/30/2010Game Days Passed:1

The investigation of the spies inside Hammerfast continued. The next morning, Darius took a position amongst the walls of Hammerfast overlooking the south warehouse as the others tried to find a legitimate reason to enter the south warehouse without raising an alarm. The attempts didn’t bear fruit, but Dark Sun had a plan to enter the warehouse via subterfuge. Using his druidic powers of shapeshifting, he turned into a mouse and scurried his way into the office of the warehouse. Two people were there, a dwarf and a human who was identified as Fenris Tallgood. In the conversation with the dwarf, Fenris indicated he was going to attend to some “business matters” that evening at the Foundation Stone, a bar frequented by non-dwarves in Hammerfast. Dark Sun carried this information back to the group. The group decided that this would be an excellent place to intercept Fenris and his employers. They consulted with Gowick and he agreed that this was a prudent course of action. The group decided to show up to the Foundation Stone early.

As they scouted the area around the Foundation Stone, they found a house that had carrier pigeons behind it. One of the pigeons was out of its cage, as though it had just arrived from someplace. When inspected, the bird had a message on it to Tallgood from a Carthain, a person Gowick has mentioned in passing as a purchaser of hydra blood. The message explained that Carthain was bringing a new party into the situation, a bard who was known as an entertainer in Hammerfast. Since Sarlek’s pathetic band was both incompetent and depleted by the heroic efforts of the party, Carthain needed new blood to keep his operation of ordering hydra blood and not paying for it alive.

Armed with this new information, the party set up its positions at the Foundation Stone. Soon they saw a human that Dark Sun had identified as Tallgood, the loathsome Rammo/Sarlek, and an elf that the party assumed was the bard in question. Orsik showed the party he didn’t really understand the idea of “sneaking” or “blending in” or “letting your friends know you’re about to hit someone in the face with a warhammer” by walking between the conspirators and the door and loudly proclaiming “Deal me in boys!” while they were playing a knife throwing games. Sarlek looked sufficiently surprised and ordered an attack in his shrill, feminine voice.

The battle that followed was intense. Patrons hid behind furniture or left the place completely while the party, the conspirators, and the conspirator’s henchmen fought a bloody battle. Sarlek fell, but a grievous wound he inflicted on Dark Sun almost cost the brave druid his life. Minron almost fell to an orcish dark priest, but using his awesome power of diplomacy, we was able to get the priest to abandon his fellows and leave the Foundation Stone. The girlish elf bard tried to retreat back to its forest and little woodland animals, but was knocked out cold trying to open the front door. Tallgood himself lost his battle in the toe-to-toe melee with Orsik and Darius. At the end of the battle the party was triumphant, and Gowick showed up with personal guards to escort the beaten and now naked (after their thorough disarming) conspirators.

After the battle, the party piled up the things they had taken from the conspirators, took a few choice items, and sat down to enjoy some of their still high balance with the bar. When the diabolical Circle of Stone showed up again to make another pathetic attempt to destroy the heroic party, the party was fully rested, warmed up from their previous battle, and slightly tipsy which just made them feel better. Faced with the full fury of the party, the minions of the evil Circle were annihilated without breaking a sweat. Again a demonic warlock lead their coven-band, but there was no mark of Asmodeus visible and no-one in the party wanted to lift the dead dwarf’s robe to check for it on other parts of their body.

Bloodied but triumphant, the party headed back to the Coach and Pony for a well deserved night’s rest. The Monastery of the Enlightened Flame still had, unanswered questions in their minds, and they intended to answer them.



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