Nentir Vale

The Secret Tomb

A halfling walks up to the group in a bar and asks them to clean out his tomb.

Adventure Name:The Secret TombSession Start Date: 08/28/2010
Session End Date: 09/04/2010Game Days Passed:1

PCsRace ClassRoleLevelXP Earned
Darius Darkblade Revenant(Drow)AssassinStriker 4+481
Dark SunHumanDruidController4+481

Orsik Soulforger DwarfBattlemind Defender4

Minron Angryhorns MinotaurBarbarianStriker4

Kismet Longtooth ShifterWardenDefender3


The group returned to Hammerfast from their adventure to the Monastery of the Enlightened Flame. Once through the tax collector’s office, the group made their way back to the inn where they had stayed previously. They were welcomed as they walked in, and the bartender also had a message for Maynard that a halfling was looking for him, and said he would return in a couple of hours. Minron and Kismet went to their rooms to enjoy the first chance to rest in a bed since before their capture, while the rest of the group split up to take care of various matters.

Orsik and Dark Sun went to see the captain of the guards and told him of Sarlak and his group of bandits. They also showed him the shipping schedule that had been sent via carrier pigeon. The Captain asked Orsik and Dark Sun if they would be willing to help uncover the person or people who were providing the bandits with the information.

Meanwhile, Darius searched out a blacksmith to see if the magic armor Darius found could be resized to fit him, while Maynard remained at the inn to meet with the halfling. Soon a well dressed halfling walked in and introduced himself as Rammo. He said he had heard Maynard and his group could be hired for odd jobs. He explained that he just recently purchased a house and located a loose stone in the pantry which revealed a seventy foot drop down into what appeared to be a crypt. He did some research and believes it to be the lost tomb of Orsik Ironhammer, who was said to be buried with the Armor of Invincibility. He wants Maynard and the group to go down and investigate and retrieve the armor, and he would split the profits 60/40. Maynard attempted to renegotiate the terms, citing the problem in the town of upsetting the ghost of Orsik who could reasonably still be a resident. He got him to agree to letting the group keep the armor with some compensation to him for leading them to it. Maynard told him he would need to meet with the rest of the team and would let him know. Rammo said he would return in an hour to hear their decision.

Darius returned from the marketplace and told Maynard he was going to see Ideara, a druid that lived nearby that the blacksmith said may be able to resize the magical armor. Maynard decided to accompany Darius to help negotiate the cost and the pair made their way to a tower that was being circled by several large birds that swooped down as they approached as if they were inspecting them. Darius knocked on the door and asked to speak to Ideara. The lady who answered the door confirmed that she was Ideara, and invited the two in. Almost immediately she asked Darius why a revenant was in Hammerfast. This shocked Darius, as not even his companions knew him to be anything more than the Drow the Raven Queen’s illusion made him appear to be. She then began asking about his mission, which Darius was very evasive of answering, though he did let her know about the Raven’s Eye amulet he sought. He asked about the armor that he had come to see her about, and she confirmed she would do it. When asked about the price, she said she would do it for free in exchange for a future favor. Darius agreed to this, and she told him to return in an hour. The two took their leave and returned to the inn. Along the way Maynard asked several questions about Darius, and he responded to a few of them.

When they walked into the inn they saw Rammo sitting at the bar and the three sat down at a table. Soon Orsik and Dark Sun returned and Minron and Kismet came downstairs. Rammo explained the situation to the entire group, provided directions to Rammo’s house where they could come with their answer. They discussed whether to take the job. Although there was some question of why Rammo would be requesting the help of the group to investigate a tomb within the city itself, Rammo seemed to all to be sincere that he just wanted to keep things out of the public eye. The group agreed to take the job.

As the discussion came to an end Darius left to pick up his armor. He knocked at the door and Ideara answered. She had the armor ready as promised. After Darius tried it on, he took the opportunity to question Ideara of her knowledge of revenants. She only acknowledged knowing general information about them. However, she did seem to know that he was compelled to return to the monastery. Darius asked her about the favor she was requesting for her services, and she told him when she was ready she would search him out.

The group met at the inn and then made their way to Rammo’s house. Rammo invited them in and brought them to the stone panel in his pantry floor. They lowered a rope down, and it was agreed that Orsik, Dark Sun, Darius and Maynard would go down while Minron and Kismet remained above. The group reached the bottom and found they were at a corner of a hallway that led to the left and straight ahead. Then, sounds of a fight could be heard from above, as the rope fell to their feet. Looking up, they saw the halfling looking down smiling. He said to them “You thought Sarlak was a human, didn’t you?” and pushed the stone back over the opening.

With no other options, the group proceeded down the hallway. Shortly they came to an intersection with another passage to the right, and to the left of the entrance a very detailed bust of a dwarf was carved into the wall. As they approached, the stone face opened its eyes and began to speak. It introduced itself as Orsik _______ _’s brother, and was the one who built the tomb. Once he passed away, he was magically merged with the tomb he built as its guardian. He told the group their would be trials ahead, but he would ask them three riddles. With each correct answer things would get a bit easier. The group tried to press the stone head for information on how to leave, but he would not, claiming he was not aware of a way out. Darius even tried to intimidate him, threatening to destroy the crypt he had built, but the guardian just laughed him off. Seeing they had no other choice they agreed to his challenge.

The group were able to answer 2 of the 3 riddles, and were told to proceed down the hall. Inside a well cut but otherwise unassuming hallway. There was an alcove in one wall half way down where a statue of a dwarf stood, and at the far end in the opposite wall was a brazier that emitted a green light. Dark Sun was able to spot pressure plates in the floor, and led the group around them. Unfortunately, he overlooked some, and once the group had all reached the midpoint of the hall large stone slabs slammed down at either end blocking the exits. A poisonous mist emitted from the bottom of the statue. A device with large blades dropped from the ceiling and began spinning along the ground by some magical power and approached the heros. Last, three mechanized crossbows revealed themselves along the ceiling and let loose a barrage of crowsbow bolts.

The team began frantically looking for the control panel that may shut the traps down, while defending themselves against the devices. Attacks made to the mechanisms themselves proved to only be fractionally effective, while their attacks were painfully effective against the heros. Fortunately for Dark Sun and Darius they had magical equipment that neutralized the poisonous gas, but Orsik and Maynard had to struggle to hold their breath while avoiding the multiple traps. Soon Orsik was able to spot a small gem at the back of the brazier and recognized it to be the control. Not having the knowledge to deactivate and not wanting to spend the time trying to find out, he began smashing at it with his hammer. Meanwhile Darius teleported up and grabbed hold of one of the crossbow turrets and tried in vain to disable it. Maynard and Dark Sun turned their attention on the whirling blades. Finally, Orsik did enough damage that the gem broke free, and the bladed spinning top came to a halt as gas dissipated. The doors opened and the group ran through the hail of crossbow bolts around the corner to safety.



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